Built for global, designed for simplicity

TruPay System is the right choice for digital commerce businesses that want agility, self-service and speed to market without complexity. We deliver eCommerce, simplified.

Value of our complete solution

Most vendors only provide part of the technology and services needed to implement global e-commerce, leaving you with a mix of and managing a mix of solutions. With TruPay System, you can benefit from a full-stack solution with enterprise capabilities, at an affordable price. Your total cost of ownership will be lower and you will have the knowledge of the unified data you need to accurately track performance and make informed decisions. The factor in our risk-free model and global footprint, and it’s an attractive proposition.


We act as a Record Seller for your business, protecting you from risk. We offer commercial accounts to accept payments in a variety of ways and from different banks around the world. This means that you have achieved the need to establish a legal entity in the countries where you do business, you have access to our 18 local acquisition companies with country-specific payment expertise. We take a bunch of hard stuff out of your plate and provide an immediate global footprint so you can provide the right local experience to drive conversions and high payment authorization rates.


We offer a full range of advanced global payment processing solutions. Show the appropriate payment methods when the payment is just the beginning. You need a local entity structure and an extensive network of banks to achieve the highest authorization rate and lowest exchange rate. Our global accounting team provides financial reconciliation in the currency you want with the money deposited quickly into your account. And we know that your B2B customers have different payment needs, which is why we support PO, invoices and credit lines. Think of TruPay System as payments, plus.


SaaS has changed the game, there has been a major change from perpetual licenses to overtime subscriptions and renewal purchases. To accommodate this rapidly changing market and extend its lifetime value, you need to develop your product and make customer choices. Enrolling allows you to lower your purchase barrier and attract new customers.TruPay System has perfected our registration capabilities for over 15 years. With features like free trials and product upgrades, you can offer flexible service and put monetization strategies into action for new motivation.


We go to fight against the crooks. As a Seller and Record Seller, we are responsible for all transactions processed and customer data collected on your behalf. You will be assured that you have been backed by the most comprehensive technology and a team of experts to protect your brand and your customers.


The stakes are high, and so do our standards. We care about protecting your customer’s online data from data breaches and maintain the integrity of your business. You can trust that your data is secure with TruPay System. Our PCI-compliant data environment adheres to the highest levels of security, control, and administration with rigorous enabling models and protocols, security encryption, and partitioned environments. In fact, we are a member of the PCI Security Standards Board, working to help secure payment data worldwide through the development and application of the PCI Security Standard.


Each country has a unique set of taxes and variables and legal requirements. We manage the complexity of international taxes, including VAT, and comply with applicable global compliance regulations. As technology advances, stronger legal protections are in place to protect consumers. The number of compliance laws is increasing and changing rapidly, which makes running a global business more complex and harder to manage than ever before. Any mistake in collecting taxes and paying taxes or complying with the law can have big consequences, including fines, investigations, negative media attention, loss of revenue and depreciation. effect. We protect you from many aspects of risk and are responsible for your business.